Hello friends, I'm Wiley!

I'm a vaguely bizarre anarchist that's currently vibing learning HTML again after breifly learning some in high school.

the computer science class was a lot of fun, and I tihnk I'd like to do more y'know!!????

hey do interrobangs show up in the index fileā€½ it looks like it, hell yeah!!!

I'm saving that one thing, the link things, below for when I'm actually in a position to learn shit, y'know????

Oh right! I'm going to be hitchhiking soon across the contiguous United States in like the spring, and I hope to update this site with a journal as I do that!!!!

Alright so, just to remind myself, I'm probably going to make this mostly functional before doing any fancy shit, learn some shit on w3schools and whatever. That is priority number 1!